The sleek design and great features are good reasons to buy a PlayStation Camera

5 Reasons to buy a PlayStation Camera

It came as a surprise to some when Sony opted against shipping the PlayStation 4 with its additional PlayStation Camera included. Making it so customers had to buy a PlayStation Camera separately instead of bundled in. While their decision to make the … [Read More...]

Wealthiest game developers

10 of the world’s wealthiest game developers

The gaming industry has seen a continuous boom over the past couple of decades. Where developers would once be lucky to make thousands from their titles, some are now raking in billions. These are people who started off as game developers and eventually … [Read More...]

The Pulse Elite is one of the best headsets for PS3

Best headsets for PS3

As console gaming has evolved, so has the need to have accessories that help us lose ourselves in the moment and heighten the sensations felt within a video game. With online multiplayer and wireless technology now an ever-present part of modern gaming, it … [Read More...]

Thumb grip cover caps for the DualShock 4 help protect the controller

Best thumb grip covers for PS4

Whether you have long gaming marathons almost every day or casually play a few times a week, there's one thing everyone hates to eventually see-- worn down controllers. Unfortunately the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4, which is regarded by most as the best gaming … [Read More...]

A hard drive for the PlayStation 4

Best hard drives for PS4

The new generation of consoles means much more power, allowing developers to give us better graphics, larger worlds, and the coveted 60 fps with 1080p resolution. However, every PlayStation 4 owner who has downloaded or installed a few games already has no … [Read More...]