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PS4 versus Xbox One comparison

Should I buy a PS4 or Xbox One?

If there’s one thing that has helped the gaming industry grow and evolve to give us the amazing experiences we can enjoy today, its competition. For those of you that enjoy watching sports, just think how boring it would be if there weren’t any rivalries to … [Read More...]

Hyrule Warriors strategy guide

Most popular Strategy Guides for gaming

For just as the end of a console's lifespan is somewhat of an inevitability, the ever-increasing size of the average game remains one too. As the architecture of our systems has progressively evolved, the reach of the modern game has grown much broader. … [Read More...]

GTA V bundle for PS3

Best PS3 bundles to buy over the Holidays

Now that its successor is on store shelves, it’s interesting to look back and see what a turn-around the PlayStation 3 took not long ago. When it first launched in 2006 it was already late to the game as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had already been on store shelves … [Read More...]

Gaming headset

Top Gaming Headsets for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

If you belong to the older generations of gamers then you probably remember when groups of friends would huddle around an arcade cabinet or a 1-2 player video game console. So that everyone would get a turn to play, you’d pass the controller around or form a … [Read More...]

Destiny bundle with White PS4

Top PS4 bundles to buy over the Holidays

When Sony first entered the video game market with the original PlayStation, few could have imagined just how many gamers they’d win over. Every PlayStation console has boasted impressive libraries of games capable of satisfying players of all tastes. Whether … [Read More...]