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God of War 3 is one of the top PS3 games for new PlayStation 3 owners to buy

Top PS3 games for new PlayStation 3 owners

Since the PS3 was launched back in 2006, the world has seen an abundance of games that have pushed the video games world to its absolute limits. Some of the games have caught on with memorable storylines or feverish gameplay while others have set new … [Read More...]

The exclusive content is one of the reasons why Destiny on PS4 is the best place to play

Why Destiny on PS4 is the best place to play

Gone are the days when fanboys of Microsoft’s Xbox could lay claim to Bungie as their developer. The Washington based company known best for the Xbox-exclusive Halo series is currently preparing for the release of their latest sci-fi shooter,  – and Xbox … [Read More...]

This 39-Inch LG LED TV is one of the best cheap gaming TVs on the market

Best cheap gaming TVs

Much like the consoles themselves, the TVs that we use for gaming have come an awful long way in the past decade. And surprisingly, if you look at cheap gaming TVs you’ll see that they come with pretty attractive features. Remember those chunky, standard … [Read More...]

The Thrustmaster is one of the best brands of PS3 racing wheels.

Top 4 PS3 Racing Wheels

Top name racing games – Gran Turismo, Need for Speed and DiRT, to name a few – are getting better and better especially with the added experience due to PS3 racing wheels. Graphically, technically, and gameplay wise, driving games are more realistic and … [Read More...]

The Emperor Gaming Chair is one of the best and most expensive gaming chairs.

Best-selling gaming chairs for all types of gamers

When it comes to entertainment, there are few video game accessories that greatly improve the gaming experience more so than a dedicated gaming chair. They’ve got the power to make any game instantly more immersive and also double up as comfy armchairs for … [Read More...]