PS4 backwards compatibility

PS4 backwards compatibility is one of the many PS4 system features that consumers are expecting to be available in a next generation gaming console. And gamers want to know if they can play PS3 games on PS4.

Although the PlayStation 4 will not natively support PlayStation 3 games like Xbox One Backward Compatibilty supports Xbox 360 games, Sony has made some smart choices and have found a workaround to provide gamers with a PS4 backwards compatible system.

Even though PS3 disc-based games and digital downloads aren’t compatible with the PlayStation 4, owners will have the opportunity to play their games via the cloud service through Gaikai technology and even at some point, the possibility of emulation.

How will PS4 backwards compatibility work?

With no traditional way to play physical copies of PlayStation 3 games and digital games not being compatible, just how will PS4 backwards compatibility work? The answer lies with Gaikai cloud services.

Sony is planning on launching an unannounced amount of PlayStation 3 games in North America in 2014 utilizing their cloud-based streaming technology. This gives PS4 owners the opportunity to play a selection of some of the best PS3 exclusive games through Gaikai’s streaming service which is officially called PlayStation Now.

PS4 backwards compatibility available through Gaikai streaming technologyRecent news about how PlayStation Now works suggest that it isn’t a complete answer to backwards compatibility with the PS4, but it’s a start. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, has said that the selection of PS3 games will expand over time.

Sony’s plan is to launch with a good number of games to make the service worthwhile. The games will be available to play through the PS4 console, the PlayStation Vita, and the PS Vita TV streaming device.

Since PS4 backwards compatibility won’t be available in the traditional sense, it might be wise to hold off on selling or trading in your PS3 anytime soon or in the near future. The streaming service won’t launch until 2014 and even then, the selection of games will be limited.

There’s also a good chance that some of the games you’d like to play on your PlayStation 4 won’t be implemented into PS4 backwards compatibility streaming for awhile. Also be aware that the service is completely reliant on users having a reliable internet connection for it to work. This is something that should be taken into consideration as well.

Benefits of PS4 backwards compatible streaming

Sony plans on using Gaikai’s technology in order to stream PS3 games to the PlayStation 4 and other devices. The video game streaming service will be similar to how Netflix works.

One of the added benefits of the PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility going through Gaikai’s streaming service is that it will help to free up the 500 GB hard drive. Since the games will be streaming over the internet, this leaves PS4 owners with the opportunity to free up more storage for game installs, downloadable games, apps, movies, music, and television shows.

With Gaikai technology adding the ability to provide gamers a way to have a PlayStation 4 backwards compatible system, a variety of other opportunities arise.

Sony has mentioned that eventually, they would not only include the entire PS3 library through Gaikai streaming technology, but the entire PlayStation library. This means PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 games. All available instantly through a service that would be similar to Netflix.

The best things about Sony’s new streaming service is it would allow you to access these games on a variety of approved devices like a PS Vita, tablet, etc.