PS4 graphics

PS4 graphics

The PlayStation 4 architecture is built to provide console owners with a variety of innovative features that are both impressive and beneficial. And one of the greatest benefits of new console hardware is a significant leap in game visuals.

The PS4 graphics are one of the main reasons that the PlayStation 4 is poised to be hailed as the most powerful gaming console in the world in the next generation.

The graphical capabilities of the PS4 are something that Sony has worked very hard at establishing as one of its staples.

It’s easy to see that the PlayStation 3 was graphically superior to its competitors the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii and in the next generation, the PS4 graphics are once again set to be superior to all other console competition. This will be very apparent if you are buying a graphical showpiece like Killzone: Shadow Fall for your PS4. The consensus among gamers is that Killzone SF is the PS4 launch title that will show what is possible with Sony’s next-gen console.

PS4 Graphics capabilities

PS4 graphics create detailed characters in Killzone Shadowfall

The best thing that makes PS4 stand out is its amazing graphics that give you a feel of playing in an almost life-like environment and an unusual depth to the characterization.

In the initial demonstration of exclusive PS4 games like DriveClub, Killzone: Shadowfall and inFAMOUS: Second Son, the true capacity of strong graphical representation by PlayStation 4 was realized. Every single and small element of these games can be emphasized as close to reality as possible and this is only the beginning.

So, what exactly brings this strong graphics fidelity to PlayStation 4 graphics? It is the 18 Compute Units of processing power utilized by PS4 which makes its lighting and shading graphics much better than any other gaming consoles? According to Col Rodgers, the Director of Evolution Studios, the exceptional prowess of PS4 graphic capabilities has allowed them to make developments that were just not possible before. To him, PlayStation 4 is the most powerful gaming console that has ever existed from a graphics point of view.

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The technical specifications of PS4

In several aspects, the technical composition of PlayStation 4 is quite similar to that of Xbox One. The console uses a main single-chip custom processor with an AMD APU of x86-64 with 8 Jaguar cores and a GPU of 1.84 TFLOPS by AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine. The console features 8 GB of GDDR5  memory and a built-in hard drive.  A digital HDMI optical output is put to use to bring you an ideal gaming experience in true high definition.

The Xbox One and several gaming PCs use a similar technical build-up, which means that most of the games that are designed for PlayStation 4 will work on PCs and other consoles as well. However, the power of PS4 next generation graphics lies in the freedom they give to the developers to create games with some of the best visuals that have ever been made. The next-gen graphics are enticing enough to blow you away by paying attention to the finest of details on every scene of the game you are playing.

Despite these similar specifications in all technical aspects, what really makes PS4 graphics stand out is the additional 50% raw computational power that can play an important role in enhancing the in-game performance of the gaming console. According to Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PlayStation 4, the hardware is intentionally not 100% round so that developers can avail the ALU for GPGPU.

How PS4 graphics can evolve over time

The Dark Sorcerer demo showcasing PS4 graphics

There is no doubt about the fact that the next-gen graphics used by PS4 offer a very rich feature set that, according to lead architect Mark Cerny, will not be used to the best possible extent in the initial years of the console’s introduction in the market. Most titles that will be introduced for the console in the initial year will mainly focus on its straightforward aspects which the high bandwidth has to offer.

However, he speculates that this can change by the third or fourth year when the developers start working on GPGPU (general-purpose computing on graphics processing units) using them for functions other than graphics like simulation and collision detection. Cerny states that with careful scheduling and close study of architecture, these simulations can be enhanced without compromising graphics quality at all therefore utilizing the feature set of PS4 graphics to the best possible extent.

(Watch The Dark Sorcerer tech demo. It’s really funny)

Comparison of PlayStation 4 graphics with PlayStation 3

When PS3 was released back in 2006, it was definitely one of the most cutting-edge gaming consoles at the time. However, over the last few years, the games have needed to be scaled down so that they can be played on PS3. Now, with PS4 being on the verge of release on November 15th, game developers have all the freedom they need to explore the next generation graphic capabilities that this latest console has to offer.

The first thing you’ll notice about the PS4 graphics is the facial comparison of characters. While PS3 offered real-time processing power of faces when it comes to game characters, PlayStation 4 gameplay graphics take it to another level, bringing more depth and emotion to the facial expressions, making every character played look far more believable.

That aside, PS4 graphics exert more emphasis on the smaller backdrop details of the game, bringing a more life-like appearance to it. According to the Director of Evolution Studios, the PS4 graphics allow them the liberty to design scenes that incorporate live geographical conditions of the area you want to play in. Details like the clouds at the back are always changing to ensure that the game does not appear to be static.

PlayStation 4 – An ideal gaming console in all aspects

There is no doubt about the fact that PlayStation 4 is using next-gen graphics to its greatest ability, taking gaming graphics to quite another level altogether. Not only does it offer developers the opportunity to step up the PS4 gameplay graphics, but it also leaves ample room for improvement in aspects other than the gameplay visuals.

The graphical edge is not the only thing that makes PS4 remarkable. There are several other features that make PS4 much more than a simple gaming console. While you are playing the game, the last few minutes of your gameplay are being recorded and in case something remarkable happens, you can share it with other gamers in the form of a video. The PlayStation 4 will also feature social networking plug-ins that will make it easier for you to connect with other like-minded individuals.

In addition, the PS4 console will focus more on the multiplayer aspect of the game, allowing hundreds or even thousands of players to play using a single interface without running into any hindrances. The PlayStation 4 greatly reduces the limitations seen with the PS3 and developers will be able to focus more on bringing new experiences to gamers instead of worrying about limits.

No matter the type of gamer, the new PlayStation 4 is the ultimate gaming machine that you need to own. With its amazing features and outstanding graphics, PS4 makes gaming an entirely different experience.


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