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Over the past few months, What is PlayStation 4 has become quite popular. We’ve produced some content that has caught on with Social Media and become popular with gamers.

We are very proud of our content and work really hard to provide you quality articles and great resources for PS4 and gaming in general. And we’re also very proud of the fact that all our content is completely original. It’s not just regurgitated video game news that you can find on hundreds of other gaming sites.

We’ve received a lot of comments and feedback regarding the material on our site. Some negative but the majority of it positive. We are gamers who enjoy gaming as much as you do. So having the opportunity to write about video games and have it seen by thousands of people each day is very rewarding.

As the owner of the site, I decided to take this day to post some of our more popular video game content in one article. Just in case you haven’t seen it and had the opportunity to read it.

We have guides and all kinds of resources to help keep you informed. We also have entertaining articles and plenty of opinion pieces about the video game industry.

Please take the time to read our content and let us know what you think. I personally try my best to reply to the majority of comments on this site. And if there is something you would like to see in the future, please let us know. Maybe we can make it happen.

Popular PS4 related Guides 

These are two of our guides we provide to gamers from around the world. A lot of work has gone into these guides and it shows. We continually update them when we can and are dedicated to providing you the best information and resources possible.

Best gaming TVs for PS4 

Our most recent guide is centered on helping you figure out what the best gaming TV is for not just PS4, but any video game console you may have. There are a lot of people who search the internet for the best gaming televisions and become annoyed because the research involved is frustrating.

We’ve put together a resource that helps you to understand what it is you need in a TV for gaming. We also provide a list of great gaming TVs, some information on how to take care of your new television as well as other useful tidbits.

PS4 Buyer’s Guide 

This was the first guide we put together. If you plan on buying a PS4, then you should definitely take a look at this resource. It was designed to provide you with as much buyer information as possible. That way, you can make an informed decision when purchasing your PlayStation 4.

The guide was designed to help people who might not be up to speed on all the PS4 information around the web. By combining as much info as possible into one resource, we are able to take the burden off of you having to search numerous websites just to get a couple pieces of information.

Most popular content on the site 

Ever since we launched back in July of 2013, we’ve been putting out a lot of content. Both on the website and the blog. The blog itself is imbedded into the website to make it easier for you to find great content for the PS4 and other game related stuff.

Would you support a crowdfunded Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4? 

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7By far one of our most popular articles on the website. With almost 100 comments, there is no questioning that there is a demand for a Final Fantasy 7 remake. And where better to put it than on PlayStation 4.

The article raises some questions on why after so many years, has there not been a remake of one of the most popular RPGs ever. And since Square Enix has developed a crowdfunding platform of their own, why not give us the opportunity to support the development of a FF7 remake?

Read the article and join in on the discussion in the comments section.

What Shenmue 3 on PS4 could really mean 

In the same spirit of the Final Fantasy 7 remake article, we talk about what Shenmue 3 would mean for gaming on PS4. There are a lot of gamers, including myself, that want to see Shenmue 3 come to PlayStation 4. And with the recent rumblings going on at Sony, it might just happen.

The first Shenmue on the Sega Dreamcast gave many gamers some fond memories. So it’s no wonder that many of us are hoping for a third installment of the saga to appear on PlayStation 4. For a lot of people, it would be a dream come true.

Some of our popular list blog posts 

Almost everyone loves list blog posts. They’re simple to read, provide a lot of sought out info, and are easily shared with others. That is why we do a good amount of them. And the response from our visitors shows they enjoy them as well.

Role-playing games for PS4 

This was by far our most comprehensive and well-received list of all. A huge list of the role-playing games coming out for PlayStation 4 you say? Yes, this is exactly what it is. All the RPGs we could find for PS4 all in one place. And each one has a description and details to go along with it.

For someone like me who enjoys the RPG genre more than any other, putting together the list made me realize just how amazing the next couple years of PS4 gaming will be.

Upcoming PS4 games to watch out for 

The Order 1886 is a PS4 exclusive gameAnother great list of PlayStation 4 games that really helped to justify my day-one purchase of the console. There are a lot of games coming out for the PS4. And come E3 this year, gamers will be treated to even more titles that Sony is keeping secret. Our bank accounts will definitely feel the pain soon enough.

With this list, we put together some of the more popular games that will be coming to the PS4. Pretty much every genre of gaming is covered. Oh, and we’ve also thrown in some videos to go with the games.

Popular informative PS4 pages 

What is PlayStation 4 was primarily created to provide PS4 information to visitors. A lot of our web pages contain nothing but information and resources for visitors who want to learn more about the PlayStation 4. These are some of our more popular pages.

PS4 backwards compatibility 

There are a lot of people who want to learn more about what Sony plans to do about backwards compatibility. So we put together an informative page to help them understand more about this feature.

Since Sony has recently announced PlayStation Now as somewhat of a solution, we included a link to an article about that on the page as well.

PS4 remote play

Here’s another feature that a lot of gamers want to learn more about. If you own a PS Vita or plan on buying one, then you need to learn about Remote Play. This is a added benefit that had many Vita owners excited and help to boost the sales of the system when the PS4 arrived.

You can now play PS4 games on your PS Vita! That’s what Remote Play is about. Streaming content from your PlayStation 4 to your handheld system. And it works pretty well.

We have lots more content for you! 

Our website has a lot more content for you to read and hopefully share with others. There are a lot more list post for things like PS3 games, Vita games, and PS4 related content. There’s plenty of pages full of information on the specs, features, and new tech surrounding the PlayStation 4. And if you enjoy our guides and find them useful, we’ll be more than happy to work on some more.

The PS4 is an amazing console. And we think come E3 2014, the world will begin to see just how great it truly is. There’s going to be a lot of surprises and announcements in the next couple of months. And we hope you continue to visit and support us in the future.

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