Shooters on the PS4 will be absolutely crucial in contributing to the success of the console. From shoot-em-ups to first-person shooters, we’ve covered and detailed every single PS4 shooter that we could find on the face of this earth.

No matter how you feel about these genres, this list of shooters for PS4 will have at least a couple of games you will want to own. From Destiny to Resogun, shooters on the new generation of gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 will be incredible. And you won’t want to miss out on it.

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First-person shooters for PS4

In the previous generation of gaming, first-person shooters reigned supreme. Their popularity, sales numbers, and overall appeal made it possible for online competitive multiplayer to become a huge part of console gaming.

From the days of GoldenEye 007 to the first Halo, first-person shooters on consoles has now become the norm. You could even say that the genre is somewhat oversaturated because of its huge success.

Gamers are going to be treated to a ton of first-person shooters on the PS4 this year and in the near future. Expect the genre to evolve into something more of a hybrid like the Borderlands series. A FPS with RPG elements will just mean more choices and customization for us!

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts on PlayStation 4

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the game that catapulted the Call of Duty series into the mainstream. It’s made waves in the competitive gaming scene and found its way into the shopping carts of millions of unknowing parents.

Ever since the tsunami that is Call of Duty started, it has left nothing but shattered sales records and defeated competitors in its wake.

Call of Duty: Ghosts represents the latest in the series. Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Ghosts is the new-gen debut representing little more than a ‘play it safe’ title as we avert our attention towards its eventual successor.

At the very least though, Ghosts is still the same mix of high octane, run-and-gun action that we’ve all enjoyed at one point or another. With the return of the ‘Pick 10’ perk system that made its debut in Black Ops 2, Ghosts continues the trend of remarkable player choice, while the freedom to personalize your gear is ramped up another notch with the welcome addition of character customization.

Still the FPS of choice for the modern generation of console gamers, Ghosts is as much for the casual player as it is the series veteran and is still ticking along healthily with a steady influx of DLC readily being added to the game.

Release Date: Available Now

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall for PS4

Killzone: Shadow Fall represents the sixth installment of the Killzone franchise and is perhaps one of the most strikingly beautiful shooters to ever grace a console.

Although recent news has come to light revealing that the game doesn’t output at a native resolution of 1080p and an unbreakable 60 frames per-second as previously reported, Shadow Fall remains remarkably easy on the eye with its bright colours and dazzling particle physics.

But this is a game that’s far more than just a pretty face, as Shadow Fall’s impeccably well-designed campaign and addictive multiplayer modes seek to prove. In campaign, you play as Shadow Marshall Lucas Kellan as he traverses the world of Vekta in his pursuit to quell a Helghast Uprising. While in multiplayer, you’ll fight across several unique arenas as you juggle completing challenges with unlocking new items for your multiple weapon load-outs.

A competent shooter that at the very least can boast the best multiplayer shooter experience on the console to date, Shadow Fall is a gleaming beacon of unmistakable design that represents a step in a bold new direction for the franchise.

Release Date: Available Now

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein The New Order on PS4

It’s time once again to don the tattered leather jacket of ‘B.J’ Blazkowicz as we gear up for another installment of everyone’s favorite Reich-toppling, Nazi-killing, paranormal FPS adventure with the next edition of Wolfenstein.

The ninth title in the series, Wolfenstein: The New Order sees Blazkowicz, now under the effects of amnesia, escape the insane asylum that he’s been incarcerated in for the best part of a decade. What he finds is a hellish alternate reality in which the Nazis triumphed in World War 2.

Not one to simply tack-on a multiplayer mode just for the sake of it, The New Order will be a single-player only experience. Expect a longer than average FPS campaign that comes complete with everything you’ve come to know and love from the series. Whether it’s magical medallions or multi-dimensional portals, elements of the new Wolfenstein should be familiar to veterans of the series.

Never one to tone down its humorously zany take on the most integral battles of the second World War, developers MachineGames and publisher Bethesda Softworks will hope that this Wolfenstein will be the game to restore a little bit of glory to the series. Especially after the low sales of its predecessor led to a mass termination of employees from previous developers Endrant Software.

And if you needed an added incentive to familiarize yourself with the Wolfenstein games all over again, then how about an invite to the Beta of the very next game on our list of shooters for PS4. That’s right, a Doom 4 Beta invite will be bundled in with every New Order pre-order.

Release Date: May 20th, 2014

Doom 4

Doom 4 on PS4

The series that started it all, Doom returns for its fourth installment and new-gen debut with a game that has been embroiled in controversy since the beginning of its development cycle way back in May 2008.

In the six years since, Doom 4 has been trapped in limbo, with factors like the purchasing of developers ZeniMax Media by Id Software and the unabashed criticism of early builds of the game leading to development being started anew as of 2011.

Since then, Doom 4 has been renamed simply as ‘Doom’, a modern reboot of the genre defining first-person shooter. Most recently, Id Software developer Tim Willits criticized the early build of the game for “not evoking all of the character that they had previously hoped for”, which was one of the main reasons behind the project being completely reset.

Although no information on Doom has seen the light in 2014, a Beta build of the game will be given to all whom pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is due out in May of this year.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Get Even

Get Even coming to the PlayStation 4

Billed as a game that ‘blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer’, Get Even is an interesting first-person shooter that will make its way to the PS4 in the distant future.

An FPS that melds both single-player and multiplayer experiences isn’t particularly new, after all, Bethesda’s 2011 title Brink tried and ultimately failed at doing the very same thing. However there is still hope that this approach can provide dividends following the positive reception of the Xbox One title Titanfall which made its debut only recently.

But with the FPS genre hosting more titles than any other game subset, it’s important for Get Even to do something different that will allow it to stand on its own two-feet amidst all of the other shooters vying for attention.

In this case, it’s the FPS exclusive ‘Invasion’ feature that will likely be known to those proficient with the game Dark Souls. This innovation allows human players to invade another user’s game and join the enemy AI in fighting against them, making players constantly wary that the AI they are fighting may not actually be an AI after all.

An interesting premise, but is it unsuited to the genre? Will it create a successful blueprint for future shooters? Unfortunately, we’ll likely have to wait until 2015 to find out.

Release Date: TBA 2015


Destiny on the PS4

It’s been a while since we last had the chance to play a Bungie title.

That title in question was their final ever take on the Halo franchise with Halo: Reach, but in the four years since then and several years prior, Bungie has been working on one solitary project entitled ‘Destiny’.

An action-RPG with an FPS twist, Destiny drops the player into a galaxy torn asunder by war against a mix of foes bigger, smarter and more powerful than humanity. Now the last line of defense between simple annihilation and complete extinction, it’s your job to journey out amongst the ruins of a beaten earth on your quest for answers and a means to retake both the planet, and the entire solar system back from enemy hands.

With so many elements from so many different game genres, it goes without saying that Destiny will likely be one of the biggest games ever to hit a console. Thus far, a completely cooperative 3-player campaign has been confirmed alongside a slew of other features such as in-depth character customization, a large amount of unique weapons and interstellar travel.

And next to all of this, Destiny also comes complete with a competitive multiplayer mode that pits players against each other in the pursuit of weapons that you can then utilize later on when you return to the campaign.

Should this all seem too good to be true, you’ll be glad to know that a Destiny Beta will be available prior to its September release, allowing you to get your hands on the game early simply by pre-ordering Destiny.

Release Date: September 9th, 2014

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4

Battlefield 4 was meant to be the first-person shooter of 2014.

It was meant to usher the genre into a new age, harnessing the power of brand new consoles to make things like crumbling dams and flooded cities seem like the norm for a multiplayer shooter. And although its much touted ‘Levolution’ centrepiece has delivered for the most part, Battlefield 4 hasn’t been without its technical issues.

Developers DICE continue to work on these bugs by averaging a new game patch every month, but with large members of their team now diverting their attention to the development of Star Wars Battlefront (covered in this article), it’s hard to see the game ever reach the levels of functionality that we so readily expect.

Even so, BF4 is incredibly fun, visually remarkable, and the scale of maps full of destruction and chaos is nothing short of impressive. Think that building you are hiding in is a safe haven? Not when it suddenly collapses from bombardment, killing you in the process. Don’t want to run around that wall? Blow a hole in it without breaking momentum.

Battlefield 4 represents an enjoyable team-based shooter that is full of action packed moments only possible in BF4. If you’re an existing Battlefield 4 player, then keep an eye on the DICE information hub ‘BattleLog’ for updates on how the games repairs are coming along.

Release Date: Available Now

Blacklight: Retribution (BETA)

Blacklight Retribution is a first person shooter beta running on PS4

Although still in its Beta stages, Blacklight Retribution on the PlayStation 4 has enough content to pass as a full game. Unfortunately, this content is walled behind a rather rigid unlock system.

In order to upgrade your weapons using Blacklight’s meticulously detailed weapon customization system, you need Coins. You can earn them through regular gameplay, however due to the system only ever allowing you to rent weapons and weapon parts rather than own them, you’ll quickly find yourself renting and re-renting the same equipment over and over again.

Next to that, you are offered the choice of using micro transactions in lieu of currency earned through matches, however the abundantly high prices aren’t appetizing in the least.

Aside from inflated pricing and a frustrating unlock system, the game plays remarkably well. Shooting is punchy and responsive, and while the game moves as quickly as modern Call of Duty titles, the map design is much better and the general flow of each match is far more fluid.

And with its large range of maps and game modes as well as the VR Visor which adds a fresh dash of originality to the games repertoire, Blacklight Retribution is an enjoyable FPS alternative, even if it does have a little work to do before it can hang with the genres elite.

Release Date: Available Now

Blast ‘Em Bunnies

Blast ‘Em Bunnies coming to PlayStation 4

A first-person wave defense game, Blast ‘Em Bunnies will soon be making its way over to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita.

Armed with nothing but an army surplus Gatling Gun and a wealth of ammunition ranging from fully formed pumpkins to watermelon seeds, your objective is to defend your burrow from waves upon waves of varying enemies as you look to rack up the highest score possible.

These enemies range from hulking rabbits to paragliding bunnies as you struggle to survive the oncoming assault from both land and air. Although very little about this game has yet to be revealed, it is due for a release this year, so you won’t have to wait too long before you’re fully embroiled in this marsupial civil war.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online for PS4

Guns of Icarus Online is an existing PC first-person shooter that was successfully funded through Kickstarter back in early 2012. Since then, the game has performed quite well, firstly by overreaching its Kickstarter goal by 350% and secondly it has been positively received by its adopters.

The game entails airborne ship-to-ship combat in a post-apocalyptic world. Groups of players on opposing ships need to work together in order to stave off attacks while retaliating against aggressors and repairing the ship as it takes damage.

With multiple ways to approach the multi-layered aspects of its team-play as well as an armada of ship classes to choose from, Guns of Icarus Online aims to reward successful teams with continued survival while punishing unsuccessful ones with a literal fall from grace.

Described by developer Eric Chung as ‘The team game’, Guns of Icarus is set to glide onto PlayStation 4 at an undisclosed date later this year.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior will be on PS4

A remake of the 1997 classic, Shadow Warrior is set to make its console debut on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Like in the previous Shadow Warrior iterations, you take the reins of ‘Lo Wang’, an assassin who works on behalf of a Japanese business conglomerate who is then captured by a rival merchant just as demonic hordes begin laying waste to all around him.

Interestingly, despite being a PC port, the game’s publisher Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami) is targeting impressive specs as the game prepares to touch down on PlayStation 4 later this year.

According to the lead programmer at development team Flying Wild Hog Krzysztof Narkowicz, Shadow Warrior will “target 1080p and 60 FPS” with the game also aiming for “ultra PC settings” that Narkowicz says will act as a blueprint for all future games by the studio.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Primal Carnage: Genesis

Primal Carnage Genesis for the PlayStation 4

A timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4, Primal Carnage: Genesis is a single-player only FPS that acts as a prequel to the PC only title ‘Primal Carnage’ released back in 2012.

As one of the sole-survivors on an island in which the dinosaurs have been brought back to life, your goal is to navigate your way to freedom, avoiding the razor-sharp claws and jagged teeth that stalk the land around you.

The story itself will take an episodic form, which according to game director Ashton Anderson is paramount to garnering “Player feedback from the first episode which will then affect the development of the following episodes”.

With a goal of unparalleled player immersion, developers Lukewarm Media aim to provide players with a living, breathing world that brings out the survivalist instinct in you. And with the Unreal Engine 4 powering the expansive environments and giving life to a teeming wilderness full of creatures hungering for your blood, there’s every hope that this could be the Jurassic Park survival game that we have always wanted, recognized with spectacular graphical fidelity.

Release Date: TBA 2014


Evolve is a unique first person shooter for PS4

Previously published by the now dissolved THQ, Evolve will see developers Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead) and new publisher 2K Games (Borderlands, XCOM) team-up to provide us with a futuristic, cooperative FPS.

Taking the role of one of four ‘Hunters’, you and your three companions are tasked with slaying an alien beast controlled directly by a fifth player. And that of course means that should you get tired of being on the offensive, you can retaliate against the hunters by stepping into the shoes of the hunted instead.

With a premise that is believed to be similar to Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘Versus’ mode, Evolve will see both hunters and beast have access to abilities that can drastically alter each and every battle multiple times over.

Power-ups have been mentioned for the hunters, but it’s the beast’s ability to ‘evolve’ mid-battle that is of particular significance as Turtle Rock aspires to make each battle an open, frantic affair filled with equal parts fear and suspense.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 is a first person shooter for PS4

The previous two titles in the Sniper Elite series taught players as much about sniping as they did about the human anatomy, but they were immensely fun nonetheless.

Combining everything we’ve come to enjoy about the stealth genre such as skulking in the shadows and overly efficient killing, Sniper Elite adorned us with a long-range rifle and allowed us to step into the shoes of the undetected, unhindered silent killer.

Of course, the game also profited from showing exactly what damage that each of your individual bullets did to the enemy, which subsequently turned your sniping career into a personal quest to take out one of every organ.

And yet despite the relatively positive reception of both previous titles, there’s change heading to Sniper Elite 3. In the words of Rebellion Games CEO Jason Kingsley, Sniper Elite 3 will give players much more room to work in, hinting that the game will have a decidedly sandbox feel to it.

“We want you to feel you’re dealing with scenarios that are believable” he said. “We will give you both the space and the tools to tackle them with whatever balance of stealth and gunplay suits you best”.

Release Date: July 1st, 2014

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots

Announced on the cover of Game Informer magazine all the way back in 2011, you’d be forgiven for failing to remember that this game ever existed.

But, following a tumultuous set of circumstances such as the regretful death of author Tom Clancy and three of the games lead programmers all leaving development team Ubisoft Montreal, it was thought that this game would never even see the light of day.

However, as of last year’s E3 expo, Rainbow Six: Patriots was reaffirmed as being in continual development, with the game slated for a release at some point next year.

With Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Red Storm forming a three-pronged development team, the game is perhaps in the healthiest state that it has ever been.

As ever, Patriots, being the 18th title in the Rainbow Six series (including expansions) will be a first-person shooter that focuses on squad play as you navigate modern-day New York City in pursuit of a rogue terrorist cell hell-bent on systematically crippling the country.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront for PlayStation 4

Star Wars: Battlefront is the next title in the long legacy of Star Wars video games. Developed by DICE, published by EA and distributed by what remains of Lucas Arts, the game is set to release towards the tail-end of 2015 following the end of support for DICE’s current focus, Battlefield 4.

The announcement for the renewed take on Battlefront came at E3 2013 when it was revealed that the game will be released to correlate with the reveal of the next Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode VII.

As of right now, so little is known about the game that even its genre still remains a mystery. From what miniscule details were revealed in the teaser trailer that accompanied its announcement, the game will allow us to revisit Hoth.

The latest news regarding Battlefront is that the game will now be produced with a larger number of staff following a migration between projects by many of DICE’s Battlefield 4 developers. After the completion of the third Battlefield 4 DLC ‘Naval Strike’, the final two DLC packs for the game will be handled by DICE LA, freeing up more people to work on Battlefront as a result.

Other than that, we do know that the game will run on the Frostbite 3 engine with DICE head Patrick Soderlund stating that the game will be “DICE’s interpretation of what Battlefront should be”.

Release Date: TBA 2015

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 for the PlayStation 4 is a free to play mmo shooter

If you’re looking for enormous battles with other online players, then PlanetSide 2 is the first-person shooter for PS4 that you’ll need to check out. Notice we didn’t say “purchase” or “buy” but “check out”. That’s because PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online shooter. No purchase necessary.

PlanetSide 2 is the winner of 19 Game of the Year awards and has a healthy community of players on the PC version. As another great Sony exclusive, the only way to play the game on any console is via a PS4. And playing PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation 4 doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a downgraded port.

The PS4 version of the game will be equivalent to the PC version running on Ultra settings. This is a game that has battles with thousands of players coming together in air and land combat to control territories and resources. With impressive visuals and chaotic battles filled with massive amounts of players, the power of the PS4 will be on full display.

Customize your soldier, vehicle, and weapons through an extensive skill tree as PlanetSide 2 is an intense shooter with RPG elements. Ranks, skill sets, and traits will help you to build the most lethal soldier on the battlefield. Align yourself with one of three empires and prepare to experience battles that last from days to weeks!

The game is absolutely free (you don’t even need a PS Plus membership to play). Expect it to launch in the coming months.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Third-person shooters on PS4

Third-person shooters like the Gears series, The Uncharted series, and the Dead Space series have long been making this genre more popular than ever. Games like The Order: 1886 and The Division just might make third-person shooters the front running shooting genre on PS4.

With the announcement of a new Uncharted and the astonishing visuals of The Order and The Division, third-person shooters have the benefit of visuals. These games are guaranteed eye candy and will full take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s power.


Warframe is a free to play third person shooter on PS4

Space ninjas clad entirely in multi-tonal spandex wage war against octogenarians dressed like cauliflowers. Well, that’s a brief synopsis of Warframe anyway.

Warframe is a third-person shooter that has been available on the PlayStation 4 since its release. Developed by Digital Extremes (Dark Sector) the game centers on teams of up to four players assaulting all manner of enemy spaceships and planets as they unravel the mysteries of the much-changed universe.

Warframe is based around a cooperative experience that plays with an unmistakable sense of pace. Every attack you make, every objective you complete and every enemy you slay is nothing more than a hurdle that lies in between you and the finish line.

And with the fluidity of both weapon and melee combat all designed around quick-fire assaults and movement, you can be sure that every level of Warframe will play with an unwavering and frenetic speed that always keeps you on your toes.

The games downside lies dually in its repetitive mission structure and ridiculously priced micro transactions. In regards to the former, it won’t be too long before you’re all too familiarized with both the objective at hand and the environment that you find yourself in as procedurally generated environments overlap and form a predictable pattern.

And in the case of the latter, overpriced premium currency rears its ugly head as you ponder the worth of upgrading your own personal Tenno suit, weighing it against the funds in your wallet.

A decent co-op excursion that may be lacking in terms of longevity, Warframe’s most appealing factor remains in it being available completely free of charge, and enjoyable for the most part without the need to spend a cent.

Release Date: Available Now

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division

E3 2013 was relatively unsurprising.

A new Call of Duty title was showcased, there was a new Battlefield title announced, and more information was divulged about both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But, just when we thought that we had E3 2013 all figured out, along came two games that nobody could have predicted.

The first of the games was Star Wars: Battlefront, a title mentioned at the foot of this very article. The second however, was this game; Tom Clancy’s The Division.

If anything, we would’ve settled for nothing other than Assassin’s Creed Black Flag footage from the guys at Ubisoft. And yet as another E3 passed with no more light shed unto the mystery that is Rainbow Six Patriots, The Division left us in awe like so many of the best E3 presentations.

Since then, the game has been pushed back to 2015 and recently pushed forward again to 2014 as developers Ubisoft Massive and Ubisoft Reflections try to fit the game into what is set to be a packed end of year release schedule.

Powered by the SnowDrop engine, The Division wants to make you feel like you’re walking in a truly foreign Manhattan. With pockets of civilians avoiding eye contact with you, abandoned cars lining the roads and trash bags littering the street, The Division will harness the power of both SnowDrop and the PlayStation 4 to bring you an immersive action RPG unlike any other you’ve ever played before.

A third-person shooter that melds together cooperative play, PvP combat and RPG elements, The Division, like Destiny before it, is aiming to be the all-encompassing shooter that offers players a little bit of everything.

Release Date: TBA 2014


Scivelation is a third person shooter for PS4

Previously dubbed ‘Salvation’, Scivelation is an oddly named third-person shooter from upstart development team Black Wing Foundation.

Set in a dystopian future, the game takes the popular post-apocalyptic theme and adds to it, some heavy religious overtones that have arisen in the wake of an as-of-yet unknown apocalyptic event.

The game was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009, with a release slated for mid-2010. Since then, it has been hit with several delays that have allowed Black Wing to make developing the game on generation eight consoles a priority.

From what little we do know about the game, it will revolve heavily around its in-depth plot, with the game’s protagonists having to call upon genetic augmentations to help them survive in a rapidly decaying society.

A cover based third-person shooter, Scivelation is due to hit the PlayStation 4 in the dying embers of this year.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark

Before High Moon Studios brought us the two greatest games to ever bear the Transformers name (War for Cybertron in 2010 and Fall of Cybertron in 2012) you would’ve been hard pressed to find a game that lives up to the epic Transformers legacy.

Those two aforementioned titles finally did do the brand justice following the awful movie tie-ins that we were accustomed to, however following the cull of many High Moon Studios employees in the interim, it will be a new development team that takes the reins of this stellar Transformers series from now on.

Step forward Edge of Reality, developers of the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Dragon Age: Origins.

Interestingly, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark will not be a reboot and will instead serve as the third game in the series originally given life by High Moon Studios. Not only that, but the game will serve as an accompaniment to the upcoming Transformers movie. However, there’s no need to fret, as the game will stick to the formula of the previous titles while also offering characters from multiple Transformers timelines.

Release Date: TBA 2014

H-Hour: World’s Elite

H-Hour World’s Elite is the spiritual successor to SOCOM

For gamers who spent many hours of their PlayStation 2 career in the grips of the SOCOM franchise, its fall from grace during the PlayStation 3 era was an unexpected and overwhelming disappointment.

SOCOM 4, released on the PlayStation 3 in April of 2011, was the most recent iteration in a series that is now considered deceased. But from its ashes comes a new game, a spiritual successor, and a tactical shooter looking to take up the mantle of the SOCOM legacy.

Set for release in early 2015, H-Hour: World’s Elite is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that concluded back in July 2013, with developers SOF Studios bringing the game to both PC and PlayStation 4 in around a year’s time.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Earth Defense Force

Earth Defense Force coming to PS4

(Not a screenshot from EDF PS4)

Winning the award for the vaguest PlayStation 4 announcement thus far is the next title in the Earth Defense Force series.

Still set to be published by resident publishing team D3, the entire premise of the game, its development team and even its subheading is information still not readily available to the masses. What we do know though is that the game will likely release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it won’t see the light of day this year.

So until then, consider this article a stub, and if you really can’t wait to shoot some deathly, towering insects, then Earth Defense Force 2025 on the PlayStation 3 may help you scratch that itch in the meantime.

Release Date: TBA 2015

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886 is a third person shooter exclusive for PS4

With a loose grip on historical accuracy and the odd combination of both a human and bestiary threat, it’s fair to say that The Order: 1886 has a rather original premise.

In The Order, you play as a Knight, an enforcer in an alternate history London that is riddled by an ongoing war between the upper and lower classes. But there’s more than just humans to deal with, as for the first time in decades, the beastly foes that have battled mankind for centuries are ready to return and relight a conflict that has waged throughout the ages.

A third-person cover-based shooter that takes many of its combat cues from games like Uncharted and The Last of Us, The Order: 1886 represents developer Ready at Dawn’s sixth and most ambitious title to date.

Not only is the game dedicating many of its resources to things such as cloth physics and facial recognition, but it is hoping to accentuate such fine touches with an unparalleled blend of cinematic design and vision.

Everything in The Order: 1886, from its set design to the seamless transition from cut-scene to interactive cut-scene to gameplay is created with a cinematic ethos in mind. It’s Ready at Dawn’s intent to create an unbreakable level of tension throughout the steady unravelling of its story, and in a game based around the threat of monsters lurking in the thick London fog. The unnerving feeling of the unknown is an absolute necessity.

A single-player only PS4 exclusive title, look for The Order: 1886 later on this year.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Shoot-em-ups for PS4

Here we have the shoot-em-ups. One word…Resogun. If you haven’t got it, get it! This is a genre that has had its ups and downs but somehow remains popular in the hearts of many gamers.

Remember Smash TV? The Thunder Force series on Sega Genesis? Gamers have fond memories of these type of games and lately, we’ve been getting a couple on the PS4. Games like Dead Nation and Resogun, which are free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, have brought back quite a bit of nostalgia.

Our list of shoot-em-ups below shows that there is still interest in the genre and PS4 gamers will be more than taken care of.


Resogun is a shoot em up free for PS Plus members on PS4

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you have the opportunity to play one of the PS4’s finest games in the exclusive title Resogun.

Resogun is a shoot-em-up from Finnish developer Housemarque that presents a delightful throwback to what made the genre such a popular one all those years ago.

Resogun takes the standard shoot-em-up fare of being hopelessly outnumbered against waves of gradually more difficult enemies and gives it a suitably next-gen twist. The game plays along an isometric, cylindrical track that allows players to see the entirety of each level in a single glance.

Next to this, a large breadth of enemies combined with multiple attack craft and power-ups keeps the score-chasing bliss of the game completely unhindered as you aim to stack the highest possible multiplier and gradually ascend the leader-boards.

And yet for all of the praise that can be heaped on it for its impressive feel and playability, Resogun’s visuals are mightily impressive too. A combination of particle effects and dazzling light displays cap-off each successful level completion, while an Atlantean seascape backdrop gives the game a discernible, murky theme.

Free for PS Plus subscribers or yours right now for around fifteen dollars, Resogun is a game that should not only please veterans of the genre, but also anybody unversed in shoot-em-ups that’s willing to give it a chance.

Release Date: Available Now

Galak-Z: The Dimensional

Galak-Z: The Dimensional

A shoot-em-up that blends comic book graphics with a design ethos inspired by late 70’s science fiction cartoons, Galak-Z: The Dimensional is the brainchild of former SEGA Japan developer Jake Kazdal. He is creating and publishing the game under the banner of his own studio, 17-Bit.

And it isn’t just the aesthetic design that borrows from the games wealth of influences either. Its spacecraft, our protagonist and our enemies are all crafted with the deliberate lines and bold colors that help Galak-Z come across as a delightfully constructed space anime.

An almost modern take on arcade classic Asteroids that combines incredible lighting with colorful, procedurally generated environments of a fictional deep space, Galak-Z is all set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Vita later this year.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut is an eye-catching, 3D space-combat simulator from Born Ready Studios.

Yet another Kickstarter success story, the game raised a total of $174,804 and debuted on the PC via digital distribution in January of last year. And now the game is set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 this month.

As well as being the same blend of colorful space-combat and frantic action, the Director’s Cut edition of the game, which is the only version available to PlayStation 4 owners, will come complete with a handful of extras.

After answering complaints regarding the campaign, Born Ready have restructured the entirety of it specifically for this release. The Director’s Cut will also give you access to two new Strike Suits, new ship models and a campaign DLC dubbed ‘Heroes of the Fleet’.

Release Date: March 2014

Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X coming to PS4

A game that combines spacecraft shoot-em-up sections with platforming, Velocity 2X is a multi-faceted title set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Vita soon.

A sequel to PS Vita title Velocity Ultra, which was in turn a sequel to Velocity on the original PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, Velocity 2X looks set to refine its marriage between two genres and build upon its already critically acclaimed series.

Like the first two games, Velocity 2X will feature sections of two completely different game genres held together by an engrossing sci-fi plot and complimented further by its dazzling neon visuals.

Juggling all of this with a multi-tonal combat system, objectives and puzzle elements, Velocity 2X is an amalgamation of both new and old design aspects that look to combine into one single, superb game.

Release Date: TBA 2014


Helldivers is a shoot em up coming to PlayStation 4

The third title from developer Arrowhead Studios, Helldivers is a four-person cooperative shooter that will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita later this year.

A top-down shooter that draws comparisons with the likes of Diablo 3 and Dead Nation, Helldivers will put the players at the forefront of an assault on a galaxy littered with all manner of ghoulish creatures and monsters.

It’s important to note that not only will Helldivers feature cross-saving between each device it’s released on, but it will also release solely in digital form.

Aiding you in your quest to purge the stars of unwanted critters are a mass of weapons, explosives and hulking mechs. There’s also community participation that will also reveal additional parts of a story as the community works together to unravel more of its lore.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell

Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell

Presently available on Steam, Assault Android Cactus: Bullet Hell (hereby referred to as simply ‘Android Cactus’) is the next in a large group of indie titles set to make their way to the PlayStation 4 and Vita this year.

Inspired by coin-op classics like Smash TV, Android Cactus is an arena shooter in which a team of android warriors fight to take back a spaceship from the control of a mass of rogue robots. The game recaptures the spirit of arcade gaming that many of us grew up with so long ago.

With several unique characters to choose from and an emphasis on cooperative play, Android Cactus is a colorful, over-the-top shooter that looks equal parts fun and chaos.

Release Date: TBA 2014

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition free on PS4 with PlayStation Plus

Although it was released completely free of charge as recompense for a PSN account breach back in 2011, Dead Nation has now made the transition from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4. Recently being available for free again through PlayStation Plus.

The game is a two-person cooperative shooter from a top-down perspective in which players need to hold off droves of zombies with a combination of upgradable weapons and explosives. Next to that, players need to scavenge money which they can then use to upgrade their weapons and armor. This makes ensuing fights against progressively more difficult hordes just a little bit easier.

The game may have little depth in its customization and level design, but it does offer a great cooperative player experience tailored around the freedom of choice. Be it your choice of weapons for the fight ahead or the ability to completely tailor the games controls to your specific needs, Dead Nation isn’t ground-breaking, but it sure as hell is fun.

Release Date: Available Now

Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos on PS4

Set to join the PlayStation Plus line-up later this year, Secret Ponchos is a colorful, isometric shooter set in the Wild West.

The game, which is entirely PvP, is based around the notion that multiple players will band together in pursuit of a single target, even if they are enemies themselves. But although a free-for-all mode is represented in the game, there will also be team-based modes as well as one-on-one duels.

Developers Switchblade Monkeys hope that this will lead to some interesting scenarios, with players gradually earning a larger bounty depending on how many kills that they have made.

The game also boasts a character customization feature that will adopt the familiar format of progressive unlocks based around your in-game EXP earnings.

Release Date: TBA 2014

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