Would you support a crowdfunded Final Fantasy 7 remake for PS4?

Although Square has given us decades of great role-playing games that we love playing, things just haven’t been the same since the golden age of Final Fantasy gaming began dwindling.

They’re remastering Final Fantasy 10. They’ve made three versions of Final Fantasy 13. They remade Final Fantasy 14 from the ground up. They even made a Final Fantasy 7 movie. Did the majority of Final Fantasy fans ask for all this? Not really.

Although these are all great additions to the Final Fantasy universe, this isn’t what we’ve been asking for. The one remake, the one thing we want, and it’s not happening. And the ironic thing is…Square Enix has started a crowd funding initiative for pitching ideas that can receive funding.

So…they won’t grant our wishes but they’ll take our money to fund developers’ ideas? Okay, fine. So if a developer decided to crowdfund a Final Fantasy 7 remake for PS4 would you support it? And most importantly if it got enough positive feedback, would Square Enix approve it?

Square Enix has recently announced plans to support the Square Enix Collective. It’s a new crowdfunding platform that works in conjunction with Indiegogo. The thing is, Square Enix isn’t asking you to give them your money to fund their projects. The purpose behind the crowdfunding platform is to provide funding for independent developers so they can move forward with their game ideas.

The way it works:

  • Developers present their ideas on the Square Enix Collective platform
  • The concept needs to gather enough interest within a month to be considered
  • After enough interest has amassed, Square Enix will determine if the developer is capable of delivering on their vision
  • An amount of money is calculated to determine how the concept can be successfully supported financially
  • Once approved, you and I can pledge money through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo

Please, take my money Square Enix

So speaking hypothetically. If a competent developer outlined their strategy for creating a Final Fantasy remake for the PlayStation 4. And the positive feedback from gamers was so tremendous that it really couldn’t be ignored. What would Square Enix say or do? I know it’s their IP. But did you know that through the SE Collective platform, Square will be allowing certain developers to work with some of their Eidos IP’s? So if they’re not willing to move forward with something as incredible as a Final Fantasy remake on the PS4 and another developer is willing to and supporters like you and I are willing to fund the project successfully, then what’s the problem?

For instance, let’s just pretend a developer like Double Fine (which is very familiar with how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns) is willing to take up remaking Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix and Double Fine come to the conclusion that it would cost $30 million to fund the project. I’m thinking there are a million people around the world willing to pledge $30+ dollars each for a PlayStation 4 remake of Final Fantasy 7. Considering games cost about $60 anyways. Just think of it as like a pre-order. I’d definitely pledge $60+ dollars for a copy. I’m sure you’d receive some really worthwhile gifts for pledging at certain tiers as well.

If you build it, they will come

So a million people you say? Well, it’s a Final Fantasy 7 remake. I personally don’t know the exact amount of people who want the game remade but I’m also not about to underestimate the power of social media, the gaming press, word of mouth, and the internet to get the word spread. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who want a PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy. I’m also quite confident that the game would be supported successfully by all the fans if the funding amount was realistic.

Seriously, if Square Enix would at least provide gamers with an estimated pledge threshold to meet, it would at least give us the opportunity to say, “Hey Square, we can meet that pledge” or “No, that’s just not a realistic goal that can be met”. At least give us the opportunity to show Square Enix that we will back the idea. No more of this we won’t remake it until we’ve made something better nonsense.

It’s even believable that if the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X|X-2 is a success then it might open Square Enix’s eyes to other opportunities. Game Director Yoshinori Kitase said, “We’d love a Vita version of Final Fantasy 12… I am also hoping that this HD remaster will open up some great possibilities in the future”. So basically, if the FFX/X-2 HD remaster is successful then Square Enix would consider remastering Final Fantasy 12 for the PS Vita. And it’s possible it could lead to other remakes and remasters.

So to translate it in greedy corporate speakIf we can successfully milk the sh*t out of these old franchises…we will.

Fine! Good! Please do! Milk that cow, the best way you know how! Remaster or remake FF7, FF8, FF12, and whatever else that was great about the Final Fantasy universe. That’s what we want! Gamers have been throwing money at their computer screens for a while now when it came to the possibility of remastered or remade Square Enix titles.

The long torture behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake

When I was younger, Final Fantasy 7 was the game that confirmed me to be a legitimate hermit. To the point that my roommate called me a hermit because I didn’t leave my room. I didn’t care. It was one of my fondest gaming memories. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say it was one of the greatest RPG’s ever. So imagine my face and every Final Fantasy 7 fans’ face when in 2005 Sony played the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo for the brand new PS3. It was a completely remade version of the opening sequence for Final Fantasy 7 showcased with the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 3. It was gorgeous, inspiring and shot onto the radar of all the Final Fantasy 7 remake hopefuls. It was basically Square Enix telling their fans that we’re giving you the remake you’ve been wanting. But…that wasn’t the case.

Why would you do this Square Enix? They had to have known that what they did would get a lot of people’s hopes up. Would you make a tech demo out of a cherished game that could easily be misconstrued as a signal for a remake and then say, “Oh no. I kid, I kid. We’re not doing it”.

Now it’s 2013 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake crowd has now fallen in with the likes of the Half Life 3 hopefuls. Can anyone of you tell me why these companies truly don’t get it? We say we don’t want motion controls they give us more motion controls. We say we don’t want gimmicks they give us more gimmicks. If Hollywood can remake almost every movie we’ve cherished in our youth then why can’t Square Enix remake a classic RPG that a large majority of their fans want? If you plan on purchasing games like Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD remaster, FF14: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns, they will be great additions to your gaming collection. Square Enix just needs to provide gamers with the one thing they’ve been asking for in a Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Square Enix will be discussing more about their Collective platform as well as which Eidos IP’s will be available to developers at GDC Next, from November 5-7. On November 6 they’ll be talking about “The Story Behind Square Enix Collective”.

Let us know in the comments below if you think that a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS4 will ever be possible.

  • Eric A Stephenson

    yes i agree make the damn game on ps4 and stop being fucking lazy and stop making excess. putting in ios and moblie is not enough put in ps4 only

  • arcane_jackal_01

    this is a tremendous idea in crowd funding, the problem is though is trusting square enix to do it. I would certainly give money to fundd a project like that. they may just be afraid of their own failure in a remakeof a game with that stature.

  • Dean Maguire

    how ever much i would love to see a remake, i think the big question that square enix would ask would be if they would stick to the story true to the end…or to add more to it and potentially spoil the game!! its not just remaking the game, with a remake they have more freedom to do more than what was available in the beginning!! Fighting style would more than likely change, how would they incorporate things such as the summons, character movement would also change…i think the fear of failure is whats preventing square enix to do a remake!! if they were to remake ff7 and make it worse, imagine how the fans would re-act!! demand a better version?? have to go through all this again!!??
    Dont get me wrong, i would love to see it happen and see it succeed and be amazing!! But i would rather them leave it as it is than potentially ruin the game!!

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      I wouldn’t mind if they added more to the overall story as long as the original story remained intact. I’m talking about some side missions with extra story elements. And as long as they keep it turned based and add to the gameplay instead of change it, I think it would turn out well. Who really knows what they are thinking. But I think with the PS4, the time is right.

  • Dale

    They need to leave the story exactly how it is. No adding new characters, materia, missions, enemys. The story and game is perfect how it is. I play it through at leased once a year. But the younger gamers nowadays won’t play a game if u can’t see the characters individual eyelashes, they’re too concerned about graphics. They would take one look at FF7 on ps1 and think “I can’t play this block man game”, and they would stick COD or skyrim back on. They don’t realise what they’re missing out on. Now if it were to be remade on ps4 with updated graphics, camera angles, controls etc, then I honestly believe it would be the biggest selling game ever brought out on a ps console

    • Steven Solidarios

      Agreed. This is one of those rare games that can be updated graphically and leave everything else alone and it would still sell like hotcakes!

      • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

        But will it sell like French Toast? Hmmmm.

        • Francois Pitre

          It would sell faster than Nutella and Nugatti put together!!! yes it is possible !!

          • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

            Is Nutella becoming big in the US now? I discovered it when I was stationed in Germany long ago and my wife (girlfriend at the time) ate it. Now I see commercials for it here in the US.

    • Nakmuayfarang

      I highly agree. I played FF7 when i was very young and instantly fell in love with it! The game is perfect, The story is perfect, Everything about it is perfect!! We want a remake!!! Just bring it out on the ps4!

      • Kleinmax

        Honestly the game doesn’t NEED anything. But to see what it would look like with next-gen graphix would be absolutely spectacular. Although I think it would be pretty cool to have a couple new mini-games in The Gold Saucer to show off the new graphics. Again not NEEDED but something cool to play while getting you GP point up. LoL. Oh and 1 more thing Square-Enix. RELEASE FFT:WotL,(War of the Lions) not (Wrath of the Lich King) lol, ON ANDROID ALREADY. NOT EVERYONE HAS AN I PHONE!!! Thank you 😉

        • TheBlackWeasel

          I think it’d also be cool if they added a higher difficulty setting. Otherwise yeah, don’t need to change anything.

          • xxmodnaRxx

            Nah, I think they should add stuff or else its the exact same game, just looks different. I already have that game on PSN and PC, beaten it multiple times on the original PS1. I’d want extras. They shouldn’t change the story or the way the battle system works thought at all.

            I think it’d be cool if they fleshed out the gold saucer and add some new game and make some online games. They could make some games playable by yourself with local leaderboards, but also have online leaderboards and stuff for some games and games like the snowboarding one could be played online against 3 other people like a race and have a few different tracks maybe. The motorcycle one could be played online as well. The rollercoaster one (I forget the name) could be a co-op online game or just play it by yourself. Basically they could if they wanted to make the Gold Saucer into a really awesome place for side content. They could also maybe do some PvP in the Arena somehow.

            They could add new items that you can win online to trade for other items or something. Though if they were to add online stuff I think they should flesh the games out pretty good. Either way it’d be nice to have a better Gold Saucer with more stuff to do and games that you’d play more than a couple times. Maybe add a Gold Saucer side story which has you go through various games to win something for someone or become some kind of Gold Saucer veteran or something. I dunno just brainstorming here.

            I think they could also add some more side stories and do something with that chest in (kalm I think. the one that can’t be opened? unless that gave you the master materia or was that the one guy… i cant remember. I could swear there was a chest that was never able to be opened) and also the guy in the pipe that “are” (;P) sick, maybe add some more detail to that scene.

            Add some new optional bosses, not too many but some that are harder than even emerald or ruby and some that are not as hard or are harder in different ways. They could add some new dungeons and maybe add one that is like endless or has like 50-100 floors or something that get harder each floor with a boss every so many floors. People may cry out against these ideas, but if you would I ask you why? It’s not like they would take away from the game. The game could still be played exactly as it was before. all this stuff would be optional. They should also maybe add a newgame+ feature and a way to revive aerith in Newgame+. Her limit 4 is pretty good shame to put it to waste… maybe in newgame+ raise the level, stat, etc caps of everyone and the enemies. maybe give you a difficulty option when starting the game, easy/normal/hard, and newgame+ can have a difficulty above hard and you would be allowed to freely change the difficulty in newgame+

            also I know my punctuation isn’t topnotch in this post but I couldn’t be assed to type perfectly, too lazy.

          • JT

            I support just about every idea you put out there. I would say that bringing Aeris back should be an option after you beat sephiroth, I didn’t go back after the weapons until after I beat Sephiroth, that’s just the way I would go though

    • Michael Wallace

      Yeah exactly, what I was thinking.. lieave it EXACTLY the way it is… Just update the graphics.

    • Ravio

      Yes, that sounds perfect. My brother played FF7 and he absolutely loved it. I, being the younger brother, have really wanted to play it, but I AM a super amazing fan of good graphics. This remake would be something I would definitely buy the minute it came out.

      • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

        Sounds like you really love great graphics. I do too. Have you played any of the games on PS4 or Xbox One. Ryse on Xbox One looks absolutely amazing. If that’s an indicator of what this new generation is capable of, then people will be astonished when games like the new Uncharted and other future games release.

    • xxxKenseIxxx

      Actually I’d like a more sophisticated combat system. More enemies more materias, and triple links :D:D:D Oh, and double accessories!

      • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

        I still want the turn based combat, but upgrade/enhance the system with the PS4’s capabilities. Add more enemies, more magic, more, skills, and more summons. Not that complicated. Do this and it sells like French Toast (I like French Toast more than hotcakes).

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      It’s really weird that developers don’t get this. A much beloved game that deserves a remake and they don’t do it. It’s like they’re allergic to making money or something. A Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4 would probably be the biggest thing in a long time.

    • Fastman

      Yes it would. Final Fantasy VII was the best of them all.
      They would make a lot of money remaking this game with better graphics.

    • Jason Tebo

      I agree. Great as FF7 was and the advent children movie, not to mention word of my mouth I think a remake if left alone as far as story, material and characters could very well out sale the original. Everyone I know who have played it would love a remake. Then there’s the people who never played it and won’t because of the out dated graphics. They would be willing to check it out because of word of mouth. Square Remix is dumb for not remaking this game. Instead they continue to give us things we don’t really want. ( oh and while they are at it a Xenogears remake would be nice as well ).

      • Rob Harriman

        Omfg yes!! Xenogears. Yet another rpg masterpiece.

    • Walter Jordan

      Greatest and most accurate post ive ever read. Greatest game of all time, hands down, bar none. Id buy a ps4 just for this game. Period.

  • Justin Kitchur

    I want a remake of FFVII but don’t change ANYTHING. Just better graphic, maybe some more back story but leave the game. Id go sell everything I could to pledge. One of the best games every and most amazing story lines. Who DIDNT cry when Aeris Gainsborough was killed? Admit it.

    • Zeus

      Like a baby.

      • mike

        Her death was the only time i ever cried during a video game.

        • Mathew Dix

          I honestly didn’t like her very much, but that moment is when I fell in love with Sephiroth. First time ever a main character was killed and a revive of some sort wasn’t able to bring them back. I liked her in CC but not 7 dunno why.

          • Andy Stearns

            I totally agree with you. I didn’t like her much at all. I was stoked to see her die, in all honesty. Not just because i hated her that much, but because a Player Character died. Forever. Never to be used again. As for the remaking of the game; I don’t want the story changed at all. Period. I would like an extra dungeon at the end of the game, the two they had were small and easy to clear. I have spoken, Square. Will you rise to the challenge?

  • ewan

    Would buy 50 copies if it would make then remake it!!!!! It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played, I’ve seen and played everythin that has got to do with 7 they should forget about makin any new editions to the final fantasy collection and just do their great earlier games justice by remaking them, 7 is the highest rated and one of the best sellers that came out on ps1 so if they remake it PROPERLY AND TRU TO THE STORY AND GAMEPLAY then they would have the same results again on the ps4. I’ve been wanting a remake since ps2 came out it’s been longg overdue

  • diedrik wallce

    I want a remake of Final Fantasy 7, a full-blown remake with up to date graphics, and don’t really care if they change stuff to make it more better or to bring something new to the table… Sometime changes are good! If done correctly 😉

  • Shane Ryan Polsfoot

    If Sony wants to win the console war with little effort this is their trump card. They know and square knows that. I think it hasn’t happend yet because they haven’t needed it yet. This generation they can’t lose like last time though. Time to pull out the big gun and remake it. There are so many people that will support this game it’s insane. I would gladly pay 30 bucks every month for the rest of my life just to see this game in current gen graphics. I would die happy knowing kids these days got to experience a true game like I did when I was young.

    • Rich

      Actually no sony could not win the console wars with this game alone simply because the amount of money to remake this game would mean it not possible to make it a ps4 exclusive. Games are more expensive this generation and that is due to games becoming more expensive to make. That’s why they want games to become digital downloads instead of hard copies. Square enix would be stupid to alienate PC and xbox one users by making this ps4 exclusive. They would not make enough to justify it. Besides why would you want to deny other console users the right to play ff7 it’s not just a game it’s a work of art. I would however purchase a ps4 just for this game however!

  • http://www.beaudenison.com/ Beau Denison

    I would love to see a remake with better graphics and more of the story like start it from FF7 Last Order and go until or past Advent Children

  • Zeus

    I would sell a kidney to find help find this.

  • Joseph Jackson

    I have to agree with dale from 25 days ago! Square needs to bring back Final Fantasy 7 make the remake.

  • mentalentrails

    The only thing id accept is better graphics. The battke system was perfect. The story perfect. The gameplay perfect. Voice overs are a must these days how lucky for them the voice actors from advent children are still around. Dont add to it. Dont add any stupid “revolutionary” battle system to clutter up the screen with flashing shit like crisis core. Dont add any stupid scenes to make cloud seem like a pussy (hes an honorable strong charectar with a big heart and righteous indignation who didnt waste time crying like a bitch but instead jumped right into what needed to be done! They fucked up his charectar in advent.) Dont add any stereotypical j-pop charectars. The music is perfect just use nobuos orchestra and make it less midi. Like i said just an upgraded version not some revamped edition.. just redo the graphics and angles. Take a lesson from hideo kojima and design your angles and surroundings like that. Maybe a fancy motorcycle to travel the open map instead of skewing the proportions like the original did. Pretty simple just fn do it ill pay!

  • Dave Silverman

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin Reichard

    Neeeeeed it!!!!!

  • Colin Reichard

    Yeah, No motion controls. For the love of RPGs!

  • Billy J Marshall

    Squaresoft is dead, Square Enix games SUCK. I play the original on EPSXE with upscaling. All the money in the world will never be able to reproduce what Hironobu Sakaguchi created. This is doomed to fail, making me very sad because it about money not entertainment these days. Our love for this title can never be remade by Square Enix. Oh and the ADS on this site get damn Annoying too!

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Please explain how the Ads on this site are annoying. I’d appreciate the input.

  • Robert Johnson

    Let me say this one thing, I guarantee that game would purchased by every single person that bought FF7 for the PS1. FF7 remake if made rest assure would topple the original sales record. All it boils down to is this the almighty dollar and whether it’s worth the risk to make. Sure it’s worth the risk but SquareEnix only wants provided BS ! Excuses of why we are not making it. You want freaking funding okay let’s do it already. I would gladly fund $500,000 or more if needed so that this game is brought light, we as fans deserve to see this game done. Quit with the lies SquareEnix we deserve to be treated with more respect than you dish out. One more thing hire back the original staff that made this game what it was and you’ll see what us fans see.

  • Andy Stearns

    If it’s a bunch of linear hallways again I’ma be pissed.

  • Jason Dalton

    I’d buy a PS4 just for this game. Heck, I bought a PSOne long ago just for this game.

    • Brandon Cunningham Hughes

      Agreed. Same.

  • Chili Ring

    if they were smart they would have done a remake on this secretly and released it on ps4 “only” driving the sales up on ps4’s, this game is the greatest rpg of all time and the main reason i even started playing rpg’s i agree with everyone else that the storyline, materias, etc are fine exactly how they are now, keep that all how it is and just update the graphics, it just blows my mind that you have millions of fans screaming for a product and they will not make it…….its all about making your consumers happy, and sadly enough square….yall are just driving us into the arms of your competitors by not meeting our demands….how many times in the past have you seen a company begged to make a product? hell you could probably get away with selling this game at $100 and millions would still buy it without asking any questions, you complain about the time, cost, etc but this is money for sure! you would have over 800,000 pre-orders the same day you announced the remake, think about the revenue you would generate and how happy you would make the fans….aka the people who pay your salaries, then open it up, go with ff8 remake, ff9 remake and of course ff10 remake, when you created all these games there were no graphics, now they technology is there, why keep us begging for it and not wanting any of your new products, seriously square you need to get a clue about what your gamers really want

  • Sarah Bruce

    Oh I would love it if they just did a remake that updates the graphics and gameplay. Love just everything about it, but playing the original game over with the four direction controls and the long loading time is a pain. But the story is still worth it!

  • Wanlop Anongchanya

    If they remake VII I want them to know that I am willing to invest money on it.1 I would buy 2 original copies with the playstation label 1 is to play and 1 is to have the case sealed never open as a collection.2 I will buy 1 greatest hits copy.3 I will buy 1 limited edition copy.4 if they have the International case I will get 1 copy of it as well.5. I will buy the strategy guide book.6.if they have new soundtracks I will get them as well.So I’m willing to put tons of money for it.I could careless about the new gamers of how they don’t like the FFVII graphic because I’m sure we have more VII fans than new FF gamers.plz remake it already!!

  • Mav

    Square Enix gave us FF7 and was great, then as they progressed they started adding small things to improve the FF universe, but at some point, they stopped listening to us and started adding things we did not like, nor want… And they continue to do so in every installment… I’m tired of giving Square Enix my money and funding their current way of thinking. The moment they start listening to us, I’ll start buying their product again. Of course, no game will surpass FF7 at this rate since no game can compare to it. I’m just one person, so I’m not going to make a huge impact by not buying their product, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I’m sure eventually every FF fan will get tired of their crap and start doing the same thing I am, and hopefully Square Enix will open their eyes remake FF7-9 and in an attempt to get their consumers back. Hopefully…

    • Brandon Cunningham Hughes

      Yes… 7,8 and 9…

  • vahnx

    You forgot they also remade FF1-5 on iOS, PSP, etc.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Thanks for that info Vahnx.

  • John

    I’m amazed no one’s tried putting a proposal on kickstarter.com for this project. I mean if its the money they need to get the same crew together I’m sure there is enough of us that would invest into this. Look what they did with the Mighty No. 9 Project. Fully funded and made for the fans of the future by a fanatic dedicated developer who missed what he use to make.

  • disqus_czpk9JYcen

    i haven’t played a better a game than ff7. would be over the moon if they made a remake but they shouldn’t change too much. mabye add extra sub plots to make it a longer game and extra difficult sub missions to make it even more worth-while to complete. also they could enhance the gold saucer and add an array of mini games and make the gold saucer another game all on its own.
    i think the great thing about ff7 was value for money. i played the game for a decade almost, on-and-off until i mastered it several times.
    Maybe that’s why theyre not doing it. they would have to wait a few years to bring out another top-seller.

    in my opinion they started to rush the following titles with the exception of ff10 (great game also).

    heres my fave final fantasys in order, would like to hear your opinions too:

    Then you can put the rest of the classic titles ahead of the recent releases (i lost interest, just couldnt get into them.

    FF10 HD remake???? what’s the point? They really should focus on FF7, I would be waaay more inclined to buy the ff7 remake.


  • qaron

    the best combat system, the best equipment system free to your ideas form. final attack materia, master command, master summon even the morph materia had its puprose….!!!!

  • kingofclubs

    in all honesty, i would prefer an indie project, Weve been asking for this for well over a decade now. the chances are, they would completely fuck it up. I say, we just claim the story as public domain and make the damn game ourselves.

  • melvin

    take my fucking money im still have my ps1 3 disc original game next to my ps3….. is a gem I wont sell for 100 dollars ….you make this possible I will buy 10 copies and fund 500 dollars to the project ………!!!!

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      The gaming world needs more people like you. : )

  • Brendan Watts

    Just do it, remake one of the best games ever made,people shouldn’t have to hope the fans should get what they want, aren’t the fans what made square Enix what they are today?

  • jeff

    for us, we want remake, i love this game,cause this is greatest rpg i ever play,for Square Enix, a remake is cost them too much time and money, they can make more game and make more profit compare by make a ff7 remake, so, if you are Square Enix’s boss, what would you do? i think they will never ever to make ff7 remake

  • Iiro Karonen

    I would buy the playstation 4 console just for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, and would no fucking way even think twice of it…i would then get my old pals to my place and we would beat the living shit out of the remake…over and over again…by far the best storyline and sidequests EVER in a RPG…and i’ve played them ALOT…

  • lightningbarer

    I can feel the fanrage in this post – and it is strong!
    Seriously here, I would SO help fund a project to get a fully realised 3D Modern Graphics FFVII, I’ve been waiting for one since 1999 and that strange gap between 7 and 9, would people flock to it, probably every single RPG fan ever, but that’s the optimist in me.
    Is it ever gonna happen? Only if Square heads over the cliff first, it’s their ace in the hole, they know if they are swimming in financial death, they plug this as their final hurrah, it’ll save them because the gaming community will fangasm to death over it.

  • Ben Crompton

    So apparently FF13 – Lighting Returns has a pre-order where you get a garb (or outfit) which includes Cloud’s outfit, Buster Sword and bangle when you pre-order it. There is also an Aerith Gainsborough garb too but Im not sure how to get that one. Either way, I’m sold on this game just because of that because at the end of the fight she does their victory poses!

  • Luis Arias

    I don’t understand why they just don’t remake all the successful FF’s that they released. They would make millions, if FF7 was so successful why didn’t they just keep all the things that made it so great. But no they went on to try shitty new boring combat systems and bland stories that make no sense. Their reason for not remaking FF7 is because they want to create a FF that surpasses FF7 that will never happen. The only FF game that can come even a mile close might be FF15, but idk i’ve lost hope in Square Enix im sad that the RPG genre is fading away because of foolish decision making.

  • Zombie13

    After square LIED to our face and released total sh*t like 13, 13 crap srikes again, 14 noboday played so another 14 reborn. I don’t buy anything at all with their name on it. I bought a ps3 just to get FF7. As soon as they realease it, I’ll buy from them again. That shady sells pitch he gave basically said “Now for us to “maybe” make the game again you all gotta buy as much of our current trash we have out and in 20 years if your good little idiots and buy our trash we’ll consider it. …..maybe.” If everyone did what I did, we would have had 7 remake before the crap struck again.

  • rob

    Overall my favorite gaming experiance of all time… I never beat it when I was young but I gave it about 15 yrs and got it on psn and still no story line of any game can compete with this game. Yes I agree to the remake but only better graphics and game play no changing the story, charactors, materia etc.. on a scale to 10 this game always got a 20 lol

  • Rambo-DP

    Best game ever made ff7,8 And 9.

  • Heather Niday

    I will buy it pay for it and play it till it crashes!!! im in and so is my husband!! M-A-K-E- I-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://vampirefreaks.com/666 666

    Square Enix doesn’t give a damn about quality any more. They just want sales that surpass that of FF7. That’s why they’re not remaking it. Which is stupid really, as there are millions of fans online who have been crying out for it for years. We have the money, and Square Enix is more than aware of what the fans want. The problem is that they’re too chicken to take a risk in remaking it. Why not? They took a huge risk with FF7 by moving from Nintendo to Sony, and as a result, practically revolutionised gaming in the late 1990s. Tbh, I don’t think any of us are ever going to see a remake. But that’s fine, really. To the fans, FF7 will always be a masterpiece, whether Square Enix remakes it or not.

  • RedIXDevil

    This is the greatest game ever and I have long been an advocate of a remake! I agree with everyone that they need to leave the story the hell alone! We also don’t need any new characters. I would love it though if they added new mini missions – new towns, more to explore – without affecting the story. Just so we had even longer to enjoy the beauty of the game, even if it were DLC, that way people who don’t want it, don’t have to have it. I also wouldn’t want them to change the camera angles too much, I don’t want it to feel like Skyrim, or the later Final Fantasy’s – don’t get me wrong, if they did do that, it wouldn’t change the fact I would still adore the game, but it would make it feel less like FF7.

  • ash

    So im not sure how far this will get us but sign this petition and lets try and get this to become a reality


  • Tyler Allen

    I would! I’d donate 100$ the minute square would agree on if X amount was hit then they would 100% make the game! Then i’d buy it! Oh and square don’t insult this game by putting it on xbox one! The only thing that belongs on the xbox one or anything microsoft is the pile of dog crap in the back yard! Sony anything is to good for microsoft anything!

  • Luke Harvey

    if this remake was to come it would be the sole reason for me buying a PS4 – PS5 – PS7 or whatever console is out when/if this finally happens.

    I agree with everyone in these comments sections that if this were to ever happen the game should be left exactly how it is, except for the obvious graphical updates, maybe extend the maps (scale the whole thing up a few times and re-proportion some of the levels/maps) so that the game seems like its bigger and longer and a bit more fitting to todays consoles, (picture skyrim size)

    I do hope this happens though, i would gladly pay £60 for this game

  • SteveAhern30


    Please sign the petition. If we want this to happen we all need to collaborate. We need one central place to let square know how serious we are about this. It’s no good having hundreds of different sites. We need one place to show our support. Share the link. Post it on FB and twitter.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett


  • tom agnew

    best game ever made been playing since my youth I would kick the shit out of sephiroth on the PS4 platform were do I sign? oh & please leave it exactly how it is….. whatever you do, do not try to improve it! just needs to be brought to life with ps4 graphics on new engines
    but seriously though this would be a dream come true have wanted a remake ever since the ps3 was released

    • tom agnew

      also the soundtrack has to be left alone went so well with the game

  • Edgar Barragan

    This game is hands down the best game ever directed, created, I mean absolutely everything was perfect I’ve enjoyed playing this game every year, I always have to do a play through, I’ll never forget how much of a perfect storyline this game has and sure it’s not very deep in story as we’d like to see as some games now a days but if that was the case we’d have a 7 disc game where in all honesty I’d still play it hahahaha ;), I’d donate just about any kind of money to have this game remastered in all it’s glory but don’t change a thing I mean u can even leave it with just text I’d rather not hear some poorly acted out voice for cloud that would just kill me but all it needs is a facelift some bad ass graphics

  • Sam Lewis

    i want this sooo bad! i think square are overestimating what exactly we want with a ‘remake’; we DON’T want this;
    new characters (main ones anyway)
    new story
    new battle system (i REALLY think they should keep it identical to the original,it wouldnt be right/playing it with anything else!)
    new bad guys (sephiroth is more that enough)
    what we WOULD like is this;
    remastered graphics (obviously)
    vocal audio (dosent have to be all of it, like crisis core)
    link all the other stories to it (before crisis, crisis core etc)
    replay ability ( play through again with levels etc the same, enemies levels would do the same) ?
    slightly tweaked summon designs?
    if replay is available, what about alt outfits (advent children, crisis core- clouds shinra security outfit? could be download content/pre-order gifts)
    locations expanded? (kalm town being almost as large as it is in dirge of cerberus,the unique locations from crisis core?)
    same materia system
    redone music (the style of advent children i say classic/rock combo was awesome, then again a lot of music was redone in crisis core, jus tweak that an it’ll be fine)
    there are other thing but i cant think right now, i’m sure others have ideas to expand on the do’s and dont’s

    come on square! we really arn’t asking for much really, who knows; the remake might be just what they need to make a game to rival its popularity! i think ever since ff10 the worlds have been too similar in style, an surely ff7 was lurking in the creators mind when they designed the character Lightning? she had a similar attitude, shirt-thing with zipper, an there’s even a cloud download costume an buster sword for lightning returns!

    an when they keep putting this stuff in their games and teasing us with games what will not be ( the tech demo, if you didn’t want this tidal wave of fan questions and years of ‘are you gonna make it? you shouldn’t have made the tech demo of ff7, an chose a different game), if you do this teasing you may eventually lose a lot of fans who dont want to give up on the game but give up on the company.
    i’m not saying that if they don’t make it they will no longer have a fan base, just that the ‘when will you do it?’ will not stop and might put the company off it altogether; but think about this; if you remake ff7, it will sell millions AGAIN, fans will/would potentially pay all that money for essentially the same game with better graphics! we don’t want ff7 with tons of ‘bells and whistles’ we would be happy with the basics.
    anyway this is enough from me as i could go on about this for days

  • sammy102093

    I like how in the article you said decades when SE hasnt been around for much longer than about one decade. The first FF game they made was 12

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Meant Square in general. Fixed it.

  • sean

    I would love to see the remake if ffvii!!! I am in agreement that the only thing that should change is the graphics and put voices to the characters. If anything else was added it would destroy the game. I would pay twice the cost of a normal game to experience that. FF7 best game ever made in my opinion. I have finished the game 1,000,000 x and it has never got boring. Except for chasing Yuffie to get my damn material back.

  • finalfan

    If all of the Final Fantasy 7 fans want a remake, we need to quit buying Final Fantasy games that are being shoved down our throats that we don’t ask for. The Final Fantasy series is a good series. But Square E. just won’t give the fans what we want. If the fans will stop buying these games, it will hit the game makers profit margins and they will start listening to the fans. To me it’s just arrogance when a company says we are going to make this product our way regardless of you liking it or not. The customer has the power to make or break a company. If we are going to pay our hard earned money for a product, it needs to be the product we the customers are asking for. Lets demand a Final Fantasy 7 remake. If we don’t get it we will take our money elsewhere.

    • Marcel Bergeron

      You so right! FF9 was the last good FF-game. After that the games getting worse. They add new things i dont like and take out things i like and destroy the core of FF. FF 13 – 3 is the first FF-game i didnt buy (Limited time on a big RPG is the worst idea ever!) and the next FF15 i will not buy too. FF is dead for me. I whould like to see a remake for FF7 but it just will never happend…:(

  • Alberto Vázquez Paredes

    We need the remake for the Ps3 too.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      That’s true. Personally I’d much rather have a PS4 remake but I know there are a lot of people who don’t have one yet. Can’t forget about them.

  • Trackback

    You final fantasy7 fanboys just can’t seem to get it through your head that a remake of a game that old is not something square is gonna invest in. It would require a complete overhaul of the original. You sit here and complain how they are remaking ff10 and say that compaired to ff7 its not as good. In all honesty ff7 was an okay game but I don’t think it deserves a remake in any way

  • Dave

    Yes I would pledge the cash for a PS4 version or even a PS3 version, I just purchased the old ps1 copy through the ps store. Love to see it with improved graphics

  • Izanagi

    One thing most people here fail to realize: we (the ones who grew up with the quality FF games) are not their target demographic anymore. They don’t really give two shits about our opinion anymore since to them it doesn’t really influence their business decisions in the long run.

    Look at FF13; most of us hated it and yet they’ve made two sequels for it. They now target the younger generation, who only care about the stunning graphics and visuals. Makes me worry for FF versus / FF15…


    a great complement from me to the writer of the article, its exactly what i think

    by the way i would donate around 500 dollars for this: yes i am serious, we all buy things everyday for lets say 30 dollars we dont really need and which are forgotten the month after so why not pay a big amount of money for these great and timeless games…
    i would do the same for the series LEGEND OF THE SEEKER if smgotv gets enough votes…

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Thank you very much. I truly appreciate the positive feedback.


    So to translate it in greedy corporate speak – If we can successfully milk the sh*t out of these old franchises…we will.


    so its 1995 and a console concorde moment arrives ffvii on the ps1,,this game is the reason that I bought the console in the first place and I was instantly turned into a hermit when I was not being dragged to work..it got so bad that after a few days I went outside to mentally imprint what a tree and the sky looked like as I knew I would not be seeing any of them for a while..ff7 still give me many fond memories playing a game that I have not felt since and we are now three generations of console later. final fantasy movie aside maybe the rest of the rehashes are deplorable decisions and the square enix view of : we won’t remake it until we’ve made something better nonsense.

    ..frankly I find insulting and cowardly..it smacks to me of not being up to the job required to make a game that all true fans want .deserve and NEED if that is the case then they should move over and give the full go ahead for another developer to make and reap there rewards(which would be game changing) of course that is as long as said developer does not mess with anything keep all as it is .
    square enix need to wake up now and blooming fast..if I went to a restaurant and ordered something and did not get it I would not eat there again..the same goes for enix they need to listen to the fans that have supported them all these years and get to work.or they will soon be struggling to make a poster to but on there office wall.without us fans paying for there recent tripe they would be nothing and jobless..do they not want to make money
    there RANT OVER FOR NOW but i’m sure I speak for a lot of people.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Maybe they should just give it to another qualified developer. Halo went to 343 and Gears went to Black Tusk. So maybe FF7 should go to Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Valve, Double Fine, hell even CD Projekt RED. Some development team with talent.

      So FF7 made you a hermit too huh? Those were good times.

      • SCOTT

        they were and are good times….I remember many a good hermit fest…dinners going cold on the table..breaking my neck to get home asap from work to play for an extra five minutes.i still have an unopened mint copy for my ps1 along with my slightly used opened copy..also downloaded on ps3 to play which I do even now.
        I am seriously thinking of starting a facebook petition group to send to square enix to show them just how much this game needs doing.ff7 fans will wait as long as they are told and promised it is in development and not led up the garden path with lies.

        • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

          I think there is a petition I signed somewhere in these comments. You might want to check it out.

          As far as being a hermit today, I don’t see it happening with a wife and daughter. I will never forget the fond memories that FF7 brought me. Really hoping there’s a remake in our future.

  • Whiskey Jack

    Why not make a sequel rather than a remake? They’ve already done it before. FF7 will always be my favorite rpg along with FF Tactics. Its the one that got me hooked in gaming. I would love a remake but a sequel would make more sense.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      That would be great too. But it seems we can’t get anything because they just don’t seem to listen.

  • Whiskey Jack

    If ever they need to change one thing about the FF7 remake it’s to add more chocobo breeds.

  • Daryl

    I completly agree….this game NEEDS to be remade,every fan would buy one and whatever console it comes in!!!!! it really was the best game Playstation/Sony ever brought out and still is,so i think remaking it would be the best idea and the best seller they would ever have…!…

  • Brok

    So just to point this out, Square Enix has already said when they would remake FF VII. During an annual shareholder’s meeting in 2012, the CEO said a remake wouldn’t happen until another final fantasy exceeded the quality of 7, because otherwise the franchise would be done with. So in other words, if they keep going the route they are going, hell will freeze over first.


    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Sounds to me like they’re holding the Final Fantasy 7 remake hostage. And they won’t let it go until gamers pay the ransom.

  • bob

    The game is rare and every time I find one for sale I’m out bidded or some one snatches it up before me. Would be great if I could get a copy of it even if it’s not the original.

    • http://whatisplaystation4.com/ B.M. Garrett

      Did you try downloading it through the PS Store or PC (Steam I think)? Or are you trying to get a physical copy?

  • Deathsight

    If they remake the game they need to make the characters look exactly the same physically, especially Tifa