Although Square has given us decades of great role-playing games that we love playing, things just haven’t been the same since the golden age of Final Fantasy gaming began dwindling.

They’re remastering Final Fantasy 10. They’ve made three versions of Final Fantasy 13. They remade Final Fantasy 14 from the ground up. They even made a Final Fantasy 7 movie. Did the majority of Final Fantasy fans ask for all this? Not really.

Although these are all great additions to the Final Fantasy universe, this isn’t what we’ve been asking for. The one remake, the one thing we want, and it’s not happening. And the ironic thing is…Square Enix has started a crowd funding initiative for pitching ideas that can receive funding.

So…they won’t grant our wishes but they’ll take our money to fund developers’ ideas? Okay, fine. So if a developer decided to crowdfund a Final Fantasy 7 remake for PS4 would you support it? And most importantly if it got enough positive feedback, would Square Enix approve it?

Square Enix has recently announced plans to support the Square Enix Collective. It’s a new crowdfunding platform that works in conjunction with Indiegogo. The thing is, Square Enix isn’t asking you to give them your money to fund their projects. The purpose behind the crowdfunding platform is to provide funding for independent developers so they can move forward with their game ideas.

The way it works:

  • Developers present their ideas on the Square Enix Collective platform
  • The concept needs to gather enough interest within a month to be considered
  • After enough interest has amassed, Square Enix will determine if the developer is capable of delivering on their vision
  • An amount of money is calculated to determine how the concept can be successfully supported financially
  • Once approved, you and I can pledge money through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo

Please, take my money Square Enix

So speaking hypothetically. If a competent developer outlined their strategy for creating a Final Fantasy remake for the PlayStation 4. And the positive feedback from gamers was so tremendous that it really couldn’t be ignored. What would Square Enix say or do? I know it’s their IP. But did you know that through the SE Collective platform, Square will be allowing certain developers to work with some of their Eidos IP’s? So if they’re not willing to move forward with something as incredible as a Final Fantasy remake on the PS4 and another developer is willing to and supporters like you and I are willing to fund the project successfully, then what’s the problem?

For instance, let’s just pretend a developer like Double Fine (which is very familiar with how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns) is willing to take up remaking Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix and Double Fine come to the conclusion that it would cost $30 million to fund the project. I’m thinking there are a million people around the world willing to pledge $30+ dollars each for a PlayStation 4 remake of Final Fantasy 7. Considering games cost about $60 anyways. Just think of it as like a pre-order. I’d definitely pledge $60+ dollars for a copy. I’m sure you’d receive some really worthwhile gifts for pledging at certain tiers as well.

If you build it, they will come

So a million people you say? Well, it’s a Final Fantasy 7 remake. I personally don’t know the exact amount of people who want the game remade but I’m also not about to underestimate the power of social media, the gaming press, word of mouth, and the internet to get the word spread. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who want a PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy. I’m also quite confident that the game would be supported successfully by all the fans if the funding amount was realistic.

Seriously, if Square Enix would at least provide gamers with an estimated pledge threshold to meet, it would at least give us the opportunity to say, “Hey Square, we can meet that pledge” or “No, that’s just not a realistic goal that can be met”. At least give us the opportunity to show Square Enix that we will back the idea. No more of this we won’t remake it until we’ve made something better nonsense.

It’s even believable that if the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X|X-2 is a success then it might open Square Enix’s eyes to other opportunities. Game Director Yoshinori Kitase said, “We’d love a Vita version of Final Fantasy 12… I am also hoping that this HD remaster will open up some great possibilities in the future”. So basically, if the FFX/X-2 HD remaster is successful then Square Enix would consider remastering Final Fantasy 12 for the PS Vita. And it’s possible it could lead to other remakes and remasters.

So to translate it in greedy corporate speakIf we can successfully milk the sh*t out of these old franchises…we will.

Fine! Good! Please do! Milk that cow, the best way you know how! Remaster or remake FF7, FF8, FF12, and whatever else that was great about the Final Fantasy universe. That’s what we want! Gamers have been throwing money at their computer screens for a while now when it came to the possibility of remastered or remade Square Enix titles.

The long torture behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake

When I was younger, Final Fantasy 7 was the game that confirmed me to be a legitimate hermit. To the point that my roommate called me a hermit because I didn’t leave my room. I didn’t care. It was one of my fondest gaming memories. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say it was one of the greatest RPG’s ever. So imagine my face and every Final Fantasy 7 fans’ face when in 2005 Sony played the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo for the brand new PS3. It was a completely remade version of the opening sequence for Final Fantasy 7 showcased with the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 3. It was gorgeous, inspiring and shot onto the radar of all the Final Fantasy 7 remake hopefuls. It was basically Square Enix telling their fans that we’re giving you the remake you’ve been wanting. But…that wasn’t the case.

Why would you do this Square Enix? They had to have known that what they did would get a lot of people’s hopes up. Would you make a tech demo out of a cherished game that could easily be misconstrued as a signal for a remake and then say, “Oh no. I kid, I kid. We’re not doing it”.

Now it’s 2013 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake crowd has now fallen in with the likes of the Half Life 3 hopefuls. Can anyone of you tell me why these companies truly don’t get it? We say we don’t want motion controls they give us more motion controls. We say we don’t want gimmicks they give us more gimmicks. If Hollywood can remake almost every movie we’ve cherished in our youth then why can’t Square Enix remake a classic RPG that a large majority of their fans want? If you plan on purchasing games like Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD remaster, FF14: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns, they will be great additions to your gaming collection. Square Enix just needs to provide gamers with the one thing they’ve been asking for in a Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Square Enix will be discussing more about their Collective platform as well as which Eidos IP’s will be available to developers at GDC Next, from November 5-7. On November 6 they’ll be talking about “The Story Behind Square Enix Collective”.

Let us know in the comments below if you think that a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS4 will ever be possible.

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