It’s the number one question on everyone’s mind. When is PS4 coming out? *This is an updated post as of August 20, 2013* Now that we know the PS4 is releasing on November 15, 2013 in North America and November 29, 2013 in Europe and Latin America, you should follow the link to get all the details about getting a PlayStation 4. I have my Day One edition long pre-ordered so for me, the November 15th launch date has found a special place in my heart. There were so many people who were caught off-guard by the announcement of next-gen consoles and a lot of people didn’t think the PS4 was coming out so soon. But deep down, I knew for a while it was sometime in 2013.

The console reveals in hindsight

PS4 coming holiday 2013It’s really interesting if you take a step back and look at how everything has played out with the lead-up and reveal of both Microsoft’s Xbox One console and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Sony revealed their next-generation PS4 system in February of this year with an event that was well-received. Sony did everything right and Mark Cerny did an incredible job providing details and explanations on the PS4 specs and capabilities. Microsoft on the other hand revealed the Xbox One system in May to a not-so welcome reception but did deliver on the promise of a game-focused E3. All in all it seemed that they caught some people off-guard who thought that the next generation consoles would not be announced until 2014 at the earliest. And the same people thought that the PS4 console would either debut in 2015 or possibly 2014 if they really pushed it.

I myself had been absolutely convinced that it wouldn’t happen that late because this generation had gone on for far too long and gamers like myself were highly burnt-out with this generation. I was thinking even before the reveals of both consoles that there was a strong chance they would release in 2013. Now with the official announcement finally being known, it won’t be much longer before we’re all welcoming the next generation.

Finally a release date

So when is PS4 coming out? Before Black Friday and Thanksgiving here in the US which is great news. It’s just in time for the holidays and for those who have pre-ordered launch editions like myself, we won’t have to deal with supply shortages and the holiday madness. It’s also great because Sony has learned its lesson from the current generation and the past launch mistakes of the PS3. Just take a look at the PS4’s price to see proof.

What is the price of the PS4? It is $399 in the US and £349 in the UK and €399 in Europe. Not everyone knows this, especially non-gamers who don’t keep up with every piece of PlayStation 4 information that floats around the web every day. They also don’t know that the PlayStation 4 system is priced less than the Xbox One console which is $499 in the US, £429/€499/AUD$599.

With the price now known and the PS4 release date finally confirmed, a lot of people can rest easy. For a gamer like myself who is absolutely sick of this generation, the confirmed release date of the PS4 on November 15 has made me beyond happy. I can’t tell you how many times I was in the comment section of gaming websites before the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One announcements and people were absolutely convinced there was no way the consoles would come out in 2013. Even gaming journalist thought it was beyond the realm of possibility when we were leading up to the February PS4 reveal. But I held out hope and knew deep down that gamer fatigue couldn’t wait for a 2014/2015 release.

A glimpse at greatness awaiting?

Final Fantasy Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo

Agni’s Philosophy

So how did I know when the PS4 was coming out? Well, I didn’t know, but I had a strong indication it was 2013 because of a few key observations I made. The first was the 2012 E3 Event. A lot of people were thinking this was the E3 Sony and Microsoft would show or at least tease their next-gen consoles and there was a lot of disappointment when they didn’t. But the key indicators were how Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313, both which looked like next-gen games, received so much coverage, excitement, hype, and interest from both the press and gamers. Not to mention that the Final Fantasy Agni’s Philosophy and Unreal Engine 4 tech demos received enormous press as well. It was all hyped as possible next-gen content and everyone was eating it up. As a matter of fact, Watch Dogs received numerous awards including multiple Best of E3 2012, Best of Show, Best PC Game, Biggest Surprise, and Best New Franchise to name a few. This was at an E3 that had Halo 4, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, and more big name franchises. Yet everyone was talking about the glimpses of what they thought could be the next-generation. I could tell there was disappointment but there was such a level of excitement for these previews of next-gen that I knew I wasn’t alone in impatiently waiting for the new PS4 console and the new Xbox One.

Some other factors that led me to believe that the PS4 release date was sometime in 2013 was the fact that gaming media sites were practically begging for next generation info. I remember when documents and information started leaking to the press (remember the 56-page Xbox 720 document leak?) and the internet went absolutely bananas! Gaming websites starting posting rumors and speculation and anything, I mean pretty much anything that had to do with PS4 console design, Xbox One specs, next-gen possible reveal announcements, practically anything next-gen related was immediately traffic gold as visitors flocked to those articles and dropped an insane amount of comments. Websites like N4G (News 4 Gamers) was dominated by nothing but next-gen rumor and speculation articles. It got so bad that podcast like Invisible Walls, shows like the Bonus Round, and many others I frequented were actually saying that the length of this generation was hurting gaming website ratings as well as the gaming industry because so many gamers were experiencing current-gen console fatigue.

Hurry up and wait

E3 2012 was very disappointing

Most disappointing indeed

Seeing how game sales were slipping, even for excellent games that should have not sold so poorly, and how gamers were complaining that there were just too many of the same franchises being released year after year had me feeling like there was a significant rise in consumer dissatisfaction. Companies and developers started closing down and E3 2012 was anything but exciting and would have been a total bust if not for a glimpse at next-gen. The Xbox 360 was pretty much dead as it had little to no new IPs or exclusives coming. With everything that was happening, I knew that Microsoft couldn’t afford to just wait it out and release a console in 2014 let alone 2015 because that would be suicide. And I knew Sony wasn’t going to just let Microsoft come out the gate first again. It had to be 2013. Everyone in the industry was dissatisfied and clamoring for new hardware.

After E3 2013, I hurried to the Amazon website to pre-order my PS4 and Xbox One and I’m very happy with my decision to do so before they sold out. It’s now just a matter of waiting. And now that I look back at a lot of things people on gaming websites said such as people who thought there wouldn’t be a significant leap in visuals or that the PS4 console would be the same as or barely more powerful than the Wii U or my favorite, No games would run at 1080p AND 60 fps. There were even people that absolutely believed that the PS4 would be $600 again. And so many were convinced that it would never release in 2013.

So when is PS4 coming out? Not soon enough for me, but just in time to save us all from ourselves hopefully.

What were the craziest rumors, comments or news that you came across during the lead-up to the next-generation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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